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Reducing plastic and increasing recyclability 

Zero Waste

Reducing plastic and increasing recyclability 

One of our key focuses is on reducing the amount of newly created plastic (often referred to as virgin plastic) used in our packaging, either by introducing more post-consumer recycled (PCR) content or optimising packaging specifications to reduce plastic without compromising on the safety or quality of our products. 

By reducing the thickness of some of our Nutrition product packaging, we have saved 48 tonnes of plastic usage annually, with a further 22 tonnes of plastic removed by reducing the size of our tubs, and an additional 3.8 tonnes of plastic saved by removing the tub neck sleeves. We will continue to seek practical and innovative ways to reduce our plastic usage, including the removal of plastic scoops for our powdered nutrition products. 

Within our Nutrition brands (particularly Myprotein, Myvegan and Myvitamins) all pill bottles, ready-to-drink bottles, tubs and lids are fully recyclable. 

Further, across Nutrition and Beauty, since 2019 we have adapted all of our much-loved subscription boxes to become fully recyclable, finding creative design solutions that removed the need for metallic foils or plastic coatings. 

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