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Reducing carbon emissions with Eco Delivery 

Climate & Nature

Reducing carbon emissions with Eco Delivery 

To reduce the environmental impact of our delivery services, while maintaining an exceptional customer experience, we have optimised our approach to ‘last-mile’ deliveries. 

In May 2021, we launched a UK trial offering a new ‘Eco Delivery’ option to customers of THG brands and THG Ingenuity partners. When customers selected an Eco Delivery at checkout, we used their postcode data to intelligently assess the most environmentally friendly delivery route.  

Our partners, Royal Mail and Paack, then ensured that the last mile of the delivery was completed respectively on foot, electric vehicle or via bicycle couriers. Overall, these optimisations drove a 24% year-on-year reduction in our CO2 emissions per shipment in the UK. The successful trial led to the initiative being rolled out for all THG brands in the UK, and a new proposition for THG Ingenuity partners. 

Ultimately, we know that flexibility and the ability to rapidly adapt to shifting conditions will be non-negotiable and the brands that recognise and act on this now will be best equipped for future success. 

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